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Cultural sensitivity and understanding can stimulate the potential for innovation in new product and service design. This course will show you how!

Could a valuable (and healthy) innovative idea, such as the use of hot air technology to fry food be adopted worldwide? Can indigenous patterns and other forms of native art be used to decorate products regardless of their context and meaning? Can the way we look at and compare cultural differences and practices be a source of inspiration in product and service design?

This course will take participants beyond the obvious into the unexplored. It will expand their view and move their research from the realm of the traditional user-product environment into the cultural context. Cultural sensitivity will help, not only to avoid mismatches between designs and intended users, but it will also prove a great source of inspiration and opportunities for new product design.

This course is geared towards working design professionals who want to gain insight into why culture is relevant for their work, through what lens they can study culture and how they can examine culture and apply the results to their work.

Course video subtitles will be in both English and Spanish!

  • Start Date: 12 Nov. 2018
  • Admission Deadline: 5 Nov. 2018
  • Course Length: 7 weeks
  • Estimated Effort: 3-4 hrs p/week
  • Fee: € 395
  • Identify culture and its role, both from a personal and professional perspective.
  • Recognize and understand cultural terms.
  • Reflect on the influence of culture on individual and collective identity.
  • Provide personal examples of the terms used during the course.
  • Determine opportunities for applying culture as a tool while designing.
  • Integrate cultural tools and theory into a design project.
  • Judge the use of the cultural approach in other projects.