In December 2018, the Delft Design for Values (DDfV) Institute will launch its own lecture series. In this series of lunch lectures, Delft Design for Values Institute will bring you researchers up to speed on fundamental design for values topics.

Questions addressed include:

  • As a designer or engineer, what do you need to know about design for values?
  • What does it take to successfully use values in your design process?
  • What is the current state of affairs and what are the challenges in framework, tools and methodology that research still needs to address?

The series will start with DDfV’s four key themes: value operationalisation, value assessment, value dynamics and value conflict. For each lecture an expert on the topic will be invited, giving you the opportunity to ask the questions that are on your mind.

All topics in this series will be overarching and independent of field of work or application domain. The events are open to all TU Delft researchers (all others upon request, whenever there are spots left).

See the lectures in this series