Researchers at Delft University of Technology who are working on design for values are invited to make use of the new “DDfV Event Subsidy” for organizing events. The aim of this subsidy is to increase the visibility, awareness, and outreach of design for values activities through meetings, guest visits and workshops.

A subsidy of maximum 1.000 per proposal can be requested; the fund allows for granting of five proposals per year. Examples of activities that can be funded include, but are not limited to: the organization of workshops and seminars, meetings or workshops for preparing research grant applications, and hosting foreign guest researchers.
For project funding, please refer to our Open Subsidy call.

Who can apply

  • Researchers from all DDfV faculties (Architecture, EEMCS, IDE, TPM, CEG) having a contract at least until half a year after the planned event can apply.

Conditions for application

  • The proposal must contribute to the DDfV vision and research themes.
  • The proposal is a joint proposal by members of at least two DDfV faculties or it is made plausible that the event is of interest to members of at least two DDfV faculties (Architecture, EEMCS, IDE, TPM, CEG).
  • Activities should be open to all members of DDfV, whenever possible.
  • Events, outputs, etc. will be announced through the DDfV website and newsletters.
  • The funding from the DDfV Institute is acknowledged in the event communications whenever appropriate, with use of logo.


  • Requests must be submitted through the online application form.
  • Please include applicants, description of planned activities and timeline, contribution to DDfV vision and research themes, and budget and requested amount with argumentation in the application.
  • Deadline for applications: applications can be submitted continuously
  • We aim at communicating results within a month.

For questions, please send and e-mail to [email protected].