Exploring Values Across Methods and Disciplines (Workshop)

/Exploring Values Across Methods and Disciplines (Workshop)
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Technological advancement, along with the many benefits, simultaneously changes societal canvas, from individual to legal and institutional levels. Digital technologies defy barriers of space and time to connect people like never before, but simultaneously raise issues of divide, surveillance, information management, and, ironically, loneliness. Production rates worldwide are reaching historical highs with the help of new agricultural and engineering technologies, but in parallel climate change and energy transition become the overwhelming global problems and increasing automation invites to reconsider the nature and value of work. Technological challenges are complex and require interdisciplinary collaboration. In this workshop, we invite to consider the question of values that underlies all technological challenges.

To understand better what is at stake with the intertwinement of values and technologies, we wish to explore the empirical methods used in different disciplines that study the social and moral dimensions of values. The speakers will present how they study values empirically in the fields of philosophy, policy analysis, environmental psychology, sociology, design anthropology and others. Thus, the workshop aims to bring together a wide range of scientific domains to explore the question of values across methods and disciplines.

Attendance in the workshop is free of charge and limited to 30 participants. Academic researchers who are interested, please fill in the hyperlinked online registration form with a short statement of motivation before October 1, 2019. The list of speakers, exact location and agenda of the workshop will be circulated closer to the date of the event.


This workshop is part of the EU-funded research project ‘Design for Changing Values’, led by DDfV member prof. dr. Ibo van de Poel