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The process of identifying, interpreting, and implementing values in university education is an essential part of responsible innovation and designing for equitable, inclusive and sustainable cities and communities. While there is now a well-defined and growing body of literature on the theory and application of designing for values (or ‘value sensitive design’), the pedagogical dimension remains unexplored. How do we ‘teach’ designers and engineers to incorporate values like equality, wellbeing, transparency, and privacy in their practice? What are the problems and pitfalls with value-driven education in society today? What kind of teaching methodologies can we use to improve knowledge and experience in this area?

We invite teachers, researchers and students to share their experiences and ideas by submitting a short abstract / position piece to be discussed during the workshop. Contributions should deal with experiences or ideas around teaching design for values, with an emphasis on: teaching content, teaching methods, and critical issues surrounding teaching design for values in the current age.


13:45 – 14:10 Introduction – Amy Thomas & Roberto Rocco
14:10 – 14:40 Keynote – Dr. David Roberts
Dr. David Roberts is a Teaching Fellow in Design and History & Theory at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Research Ethics Fellow for the Bartlett Ethics Commission led by Prof Jane Rendell. Alongside his teaching and research, he is part of collabora-tive art practice Fugitive Images and of architecture collectives Involve and BREAK//LINE
14:40 – 15:00 Break
15:00 – 15:45 Round table pitches
15:45 – 16:15 Discussion
16:15 – 16:45 Activity – build a table of contents
16:45 – 17:00 Wrap up – followed by drinks

Outcome: a ‘reader’ or textbook

This workshop is part of the project ‘Teaching Design for Values‘. The outcome of the project will be the development of a ‘reader’ or textbook on the subject to assist teachers and students with the challenge of teaching design for values. Drawing from the vast body of expertise at TU Delft and beyond, the edited book will comprise contributions from educators on three main areas:

  1. the dominant issues or value-related themes encountered across disciplines;
  2. pedagogical methods used to address these issues; and
  3. a collection of reflective critical appraisals that deal with the challenges and opportunities of teaching design for values in the socio-political and economic context of the world today.

The goal of the workshop is to establish key themes, ideas and contributions for this publication.

How to submit an abstract

Please write a short abstract/position statement of no more than 500 words describing your experience with designing for values. The proposal should contain a clear research question (a question you wish to address during your participation in the seminar), and the possible tools and methods used to answer that question, including a brief description of the case or educational experience you wish to describe. Please send the abstract as a word document to the project assistant, Maria Novas Ferradás ([email protected]) before 6 January 2020 with the subject line ‘Teaching Design for Values Workshop

Download the call for contributions