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  • Evgeni Aizenberg
    Evgeni Aizenberg
    Postdoctoral researcher Human Rights-based Design in AI
  • Mark Alfano
    Mark Alfano
    Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Hadi Asghari
    Hadi Asghari
    Assistant Professor of Economics of Cybersecurity
  • Thijs Asselbergs
    Thijs Asselbergs
    Professor of Architectural Engineering
  • Roy Bendor
    Roy Bendor
    Assistent professor at Industrial Design
  • Koen Bertels
    Koen Bertels
    Associate Professor of Interactive Intelligence
  • Jordi Bieger
    Jordi Bieger
    PhD Candidate in the area of Artificial General Intelligence
  • Annemiek van Boeijen
    Annemiek van Boeijen
    Assistant Professor Industrial Design/Design Aesthetics
  • Marina Bos-de Vos
    Marina Bos-de Vos
    Postdoctoral Researcher & Lecturer
  • Pieter Bots
    Pieter Bots
    Associate Professor of Policy Analysis
  • Jacky Bourgeois
    Jacky Bourgeois
    Tenure track assistant professor
  • Alessandro Bozzon
    Alessandro Bozzon
    Associate Professor at Electrical Engineering
  • Frances Brazier
    Frances Brazier
    Professor of Engineering Systems Foundations
  • Joost Broekens
    Joost Broekens
    Assistant Professor of Affective Computing
  • Willem-Paul Brinkman
    Willem-Paul Brinkman
    Associate professor in the Interactive Intelligence group
  • Ellen van Bueren
    Ellen van Bueren
    Professor of Urban Development Management
  • Scott Cunningham
    Scott Cunningham
    Associate Professor at Policy Analysis section
  • Tom Daamen
    Tom Daamen
    Associate Professor Urban Development Management
  • Marcin Dabrowski
    Marcin Dabrowski
    Assistant Professor at Architecture
  • Pieter Desmet
    Pieter Desmet
    Professor of Design for Experience
  • Jan-Carel Diehl
    Jan-Carel Diehl
    Assistant Professor Design for Sustainability
  • Virginia Dignum
    Virginia Dignum
    Associate Professor of Engineering Systems & Services
  • Matthijs van Dijk
    Matthijs van Dijk
    Professor of Mobility Design
  • Aaron Ding
    Aaron Ding
    Assistant Professor at Department of Engineering Systems & Services
  • Neelke Doorn
    Neelke Doorn
    Associate Professor Ethics & Philosophy of Technology
  • Juan Duran
    Juan Duran
    Lecturer at Technology, Policy & Managment
  • Marja Elsinga
    Marja Elsinga
    Professor of Housing Institutions & Governance
  • Amir Ebrahimi Fard
    Amir Ebrahimi Fard
    PhD Candidate at the Policy Analysis section
  • Steven Flipse
    Steven Flipse
    Assistant professor Science Communication
  • Jan van Gemert
    Jan van Gemert
    Assistant professor at Electrical Engineering
  • Elisa Giaccardi
    Elisa Giaccardi
    Professor of Interactive Media Design
  • Maurice Harteveld
    Maurice Harteveld
    Researcher Urban Design & the Architecture of the City
  • Haye Hazenberg
    Haye Hazenberg
    Postdoctoral researcher & project manager 'TU Delft in The Hague'
  • Carola Hein
    Carola Hein
    Professor of History Architecture & Urban Planning
  • John Heintz
    John Heintz
    Associate Professor at Architecture
  • Paul Hekkert
    Paul Hekkert
    Professor of Form Theory
  • Dirk Helbing
    Dirk Helbing
    Professor of Computational Social Science
  • Geert-Jan Houben
    Geert-Jan Houben
    Professor of Web Information Systems
  • Jeroen van den Hoven
    Jeroen van den Hoven
    Professor of Ethics & Technology
  • Kaspar Jansen
    Kaspar Jansen
    Professor of Emerging Materials
  • Catholijn Jonker
    Catholijn Jonker
    Professor of Interactive Intelligence
  • Kees Kaan
    Kees Kaan
    Professor of Complex Projects at Architecture
  • Elvin Karana
    Elvin Karana
    Associate Professor of Emerging Materials & Design Engineering
  • Asterios Katsifodimos
    Asterios Katsifodimos
    Assistant Professor in Advanced Data Management techniques
  • Seyran Khademi
    Seyran Khademi
    Postdoctoral researcher at audio & speech processing group
  • Malte Kliess
    Malte Kliess
    Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Peter Koorstra
    Peter Koorstra
    Associate professor Form & Modelling Studies
  • Everhard Korthals-Altes
    Everhard Korthals-Altes
    Assistant professor at Architecture
  • Gerd Kortuem
    Gerd Kortuem
    Professor of Internet of Things
  • Rolf Kunneke
    Rolf Kunneke
    Professor of Economics of Infrastructures
  • Inald Lagendijk
    Inald Lagendijk
    Professor of Multimedia Signal Processing
  • Hugo Ledoux
    Hugo Ledoux
    Associate-professor in 3D GIS
  • Christoph Lofi
    Christoph Lofi
    Assistant Professor at Electrical Engineering
  • Derek Lomas
    Derek Lomas
    Assistant professor at Industrial Design
  • Maria Luce Lupetti
    Maria Luce Lupetti
    Postdoctoral Researcher at Industrial Design
  • Stephan Lukosch
    Stephan Lukosch
    Associate Professor of Designing for Engagement
  • Tino Mager
    Tino Mager
    Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chair of History of Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Ingrid Mulder
    Ingrid Mulder
    Associate Professor of Design Techniques
  • Sander Mulder
    Sander Mulder
    Course coordinator at Industrial Design
  • Mark Neerincx
    Mark Neerincx
    Professor of Human-Centered Computing
  • Clarine van Oel
    Clarine van Oel
    Assistant professor at Architecture
  • Mar Palmeros Parada
    Mar Palmeros Parada
    PhD Candidate on the development of biobased innovations for sustainability
  • Klara Pigmans
    Klara Pigmans
    PhD Student at Technology, Policy & Management
  • Ibo van de Poel
    Ibo van de Poel
    Professor of Ethics & Technology
  • Anna Pohlmeyer
    Anna Pohlmeyer
    Assistant Professor of Industrial Design
  • Wim Ravensteijn
    Wim Ravensteijn
    Associate Professor of Responsible & Sustainable Innovation
  • Huib de Ridder
    Huib de Ridder
    Professor of Informational Ergonomics
  • Birna Riemsdijk
    Birna Riemsdijk
    Assistant Professor Interactive Intelligence
  • Luuk Rietveld
    Luuk Rietveld
    Professor of Drinking Water & Urban Water Cycle Technology
  • Holly Robbins
    Holly Robbins
    Postdoc Ethical Design of the Internet of Things
  • Roberto Rocco
    Roberto Rocco
    Associate Professor Spatial Planning & Strategy
  • Sabine Roeser
    Sabine Roeser
    Professor of Ethics
  • Marco Rozendaal
    Marco Rozendaal
    Assistant Professor Interaction Design
  • Filippo Santoni de Sio
    Filippo Santoni de Sio
    Assistant Professor of Ethics of Technology
  • John Schmitz
    John Schmitz
    Dean of faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Wouter Serdijn
    Wouter Serdijn
    Professor of Bioelectronics
  • Jill Slinger
    Jill Slinger
    Associate Professor in Policiy Analysis
  • Frido Smulders
    Frido Smulders
    Associate Professor Product Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Marieke Sonneveld
    Marieke Sonneveld
    Assistant Professor of Industrial Design
  • Pieter-Jan Stappers
    Pieter-Jan Stappers
    Professor of Design Techniques
  • Taylor Stone
    Taylor Stone
    PHD researcher in Ethics of Technology
  • Nick Sturkenboom
    Nick Sturkenboom
    Product Innovation Management
  • Behnam Taebi
    Behnam Taebi
    Associate Professor of Ethics of Technology
  • Martin Tenpierik
    Martin Tenpierik
    Associate professor of Building Physics
  • Marie-Therese van Thoor
    Marie-Therese van Thoor
    Associate Professor of Heritage & Architecture
  • Amy Thomas
    Amy Thomas
    Assistant Professor of the History of Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Myrthe Tielman
    Myrthe Tielman
    Postdoctoral researcher
  • Nava Tintarev
    Nava Tintarev
    Assistant Professor of Web Information Systems
  • Manuela Triggianese
    Manuela Triggianese
    Researcher & Lecturer at Architecture
  • Nynke Tromp
    Nynke Tromp
    Assistant Professor of Industrial Design
  • Pieter Vermaas
    Pieter Vermaas
    Associate Professor of Philosophy of Design
  • Leentje Volker
    Leentje Volker
    Associate Professor of Public Commissioning
  • Peter van Waart
    Peter van Waart
    PhD candidate Design Conceptualization & Communication
  • Bartel van de Walle
    Bartel van de Walle
    Professor of Policy Analysis
  • Hessel Winsemius
    Hessel Winsemius
    Associate Professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Aimee van Wynsberghe
    Aimee van Wynsberghe
    Assistant Professor of Ethics of Technology
  • Emad Yaghmaei
    Emad Yaghmaei
    Researcher in Ethics & Technology
  • Neil Yorke-Smith
    Neil Yorke-Smith
    Associate Professor of Algorithmics
  • David Keyson
    David Keyson
    Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professor in Smart Products & Environments

Interested in joining?

Are you a researcher at Delft University of Technology who is working on design for values? You are welcome to join our playground meetings, DDfV Fundamentals lectures and other activities that are open to all TU Delft staff. Please sign up for our DDFV Community mailing list to be kept posted.

Listed here as members are people who (a) are working at one of the founding faculties – namely BK, EEMCS, IDE, TPM – and in addition (b) regularly participate in our playground meetings or are in another way actively contributing to the DDfV Institute.

Do you have ideas on how to contribute or collaborate, which you would like to discuss? Please contact our community manager Linda Rindertsma.