At the moment there is no dedicated minor on Design for Values at TU Delft. However the following minors address (aspects of) design for values or related topics, such as responsible innovation and engineering ethics:

companies and innovation minor

Companies & innovation: economical, ethical, juridical & safety perspectives

This minor looks specifically at technological innovation within companies and the social factors and restrictions surrounding these. Insight into these viewpoints is important to make sensible decisions and to be able to design products that are technologically and socially relevant and acceptable. The aim of this minor is to offer students insight into how economics, law, ethics and safety and risk considerations impact technological developments and innovation, as well as the responsibilities of companies.

responsible innovation minor

Responsible innovation (LDE minor)

During this joint minor with the University of Leiden and Erasmus University Rotterdam – you will be introduced to the technical, managerial and socio-economic principles that govern innovation, and discuss the ethical and other conditions for innovating responsibly. You will learn how responsible innovation can be defined and analysed; how it can be done and managed at the level of a project team, of a company, and of an entire economic system; and how it can be promoted and irresponsible innovation avoided. You will learn to work on these issues in a multidisciplinary team.

Sustainable design engineering (ASSET minor)

Never before has the future held so many questions, and with such serious consequences depending on the answers. Given the megatrends of climate change, global population growth and resource scarcity, how can we, as engineers and designers, contribute to the best possible outcome for the human population and the planet it lives on? A minor for optimists who believe that human ingenuity can solve most environmental problems. The minor is hosted by the ASSET institute (Applied Sustainable Science, Engineering and Technology).