Management Team

The Management Team consists of the following people and is chaired by DDfV executive director Pieter Vermaas:

  • Nava Tintarev
    Nava Tintarev
    Assistant Professor of Web Information Systems
  • Amy Thomas
    Amy Thomas
    Assistant Professor of the History of Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Hessel Winsemius
    Hessel Winsemius
    Associate Professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Nynke Tromp
    Nynke Tromp
    Assistant Professor of Industrial Design
  • Pieter Vermaas
    Pieter Vermaas
    Associate Professor of Philosophy of Design


The Board consists of a representative from each of the five TU Delft faculties participating in the DDFV Institute and is chaired by DDfV scientific director Jeroen van den Hoven:

  • Virginia Dignum
    Virginia Dignum
    Associate Professor of Engineering Systems & Services
  • Carola Hein
    Carola Hein
    Professor of History Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Paul Hekkert
    Paul Hekkert
    Professor of Form Theory
  • Catholijn Jonker
    Catholijn Jonker
    Professor of Interactive Intelligence
  • Jeroen van den Hoven
    Jeroen van den Hoven
    Professor of Ethics & Technology
  • Luuk Rietveld
    Luuk Rietveld
    Professor of Drinking Water & Urban Water Cycle Technology