Project Description

Historic monuments result from (often century-old) societal preferences of the past. Their restoration, reconstruction or adaptive reuse creates intensive debates on contemporary moral and social values among heritage specialists as well as citizens and even tourists. This project develops 3D urban models as a tool for visualization to support debate.

Professionals, politicians and citizens need novel tools to

  • understand how values and societal forces that have helped shape our cities have shifted over time and
  • discuss what values should guide contemporary interventions (both preservation and transformation design).

The interdisciplinary group of scholars in (a) art history and preservation and (b) computer science in this DDFV seed project is uniquely suited to develop these tools. The seed project builds on the recently granted VW Foundation project ArchiMediaL to develop 3D virtual urban models as a tool for visualization and debate. These models will be based on historical evidence: diverse data sets from paintings to photography, from maps to architectural drawings.

Project activities

  1. Organizing a workshop for 20-30 people on the topic of 3D models as a tool for value assessment, citizen outreach, adaptive reuse and design in heritage discussion with Dutch and international participants from public, private, civic, and academic organizations;
  2. Developing an interdisciplinary grant application that combines humanities scholars and computer scientists to create new tools that can help assess the changing values underlying heritage transformation, reconstruction and adaptive reuse


  • Everhard Korthals-Altes
    Everhard Korthals-Altes
    Assistant professor at Architecture
  • Geert-Jan Houben
    Geert-Jan Houben
    Professor of Web Information Systems
  • Hugo Ledoux
    Hugo Ledoux
    Associate-professor in 3D GIS
  • Jan van Gemert
    Jan van Gemert
    Assistant professor at Electrical Engineering